What is Skidaddle?

What is Skidaddle.co.uk

Skidaddle... and discover exciting, educational and fun local events and attractions with amazing savings for Skidaddlers.

  • Find tailored and age suitable local days out
  • All family members can use card
  • Multiple use at the same attraction or event
  • Birthday party venues suggested near to birthdays**
  • Special offers and events exclusive to members
  • Join Skidaddle today and instead of the Normal £79.95 you can claim your card for only £29.95. Just use the promo code 'Launch' to claim the discount.

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The summer holidays are fast approaching and we all need to get away to, have the kids burn off some energy. Skidaddle helps to find somewhere locally to go, suggesting places* based on your location, children’s ages and the weather. We have everything from Go-Karting to Archery, educational museums to fun soft play centres for all ages of children. Just pop in your postcode or click on the ‘Locate me’ button and a list of things to do will be listed.


Looking back at our childhood, its not the hours sat in front of the TV you remember, its the day trips out. When Dad scared himself on a roller coaster and Mum was found helplessly drifting on the boating lake after losing her oars. Skidaddle is for creating memories for the children.

We are passionate about the smaller independent local attractions and the amazing experiences they offer and on they are all on our doorstep as well.

So we set out to to find and list all the amazing local things to do with kids, and put them altogether in one place so you can find them easily. Better still when we found the attractions and told them about Skidaddle they offered all Skidaddle members a discount, or saving on all sorts of things. Everything from free cup of teas or coffees to free/discounted entry and much more. See a sample of the Skidaddle offers here.


The Skidaddle Card has your family name on, this is so mum, dad and grandparents can all use it, which makes perfect sense to us as we all have to allocate our time between work commitments and family life. We keep adding new events and attractions everyday, which means more savings and choice and since you can use the card over and over at the same attractions it some becomes invaluable.

Join Skidaddle today and instead of the Normal £79.95 you can claim your card for only £29.95. Just use the promo code LAUNCH to claim the discount.

You can login and start using Skidaddle straight away to plan you trips out for the day. Your Skidaddle card is then posted out to you within 2-3 working days.

*Suggested places to go based on weather and children’s ages is only available to Skidaddle members. **Coming soon.